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Professional Reformer

The Professional Reformer “One”, through a functional biomechanical precise system of springs, straps, pulleys, allows the performance of 250 progressive exercises well described by the FITNESS PILATES FORMULA SCHOOL manuals.
Exercising with Body Mind Gym Reformer produces benefits that generate a special quality of strength: Elastic Strength, which is a youthful type of strength and very functional for any type of sport or performance. Training with this equipment produces a significant improvement in Core Stabilization which has been identified by worldwide researchers as key factor for spine longevity, prevention for lumbar pain, and as a sign of excellence in fitness.

The Professional Reformer “One”, is a metal elastic spring loaded exercise machine and not a weight loaded fitness machine. One important difference between these two types of equipment is that spring loaded training produces efficient muscle control, tone and elastic strength rather than muscle bulk. The muscle groups working against the elastic metal resistance are working in tandem rather than in isolation, and this develops a uniform body. By training in this manner, the movements that are produced follow the body's natural path, ensuring a workout capable of producing functional strength as well as a pleasant feeling in the body and grounding of the mind.

There are three forces that one works against on the Reformer that produce the Pilates workout.
The first force against which the practitioner works is the tension on the elastic metal springs.
The second force is represented by the weight of the carriage (25 kg).
The third force is the body’s own weight.

Training on the Reformer requires muscles to control both the concentric, isometric and eccentric movements as well as the contraction, speed, coordination, stability and fluidity of movements. The exercises on the reformer can be done lying in a supine position as well as sitting, kneeling, lunging, standing on the carriage, on the box, facing the foot bar, facing the pulley, and facing the side. This superb multidirectional training works with the elastic resistance coming from either the front, back, or side, and depending on the body position. Most other isotonic fitness machines (at the gym) only produce a work based on the vertical line of gravity. The Professional Reformer creates a tridimensional challenging workout that benefits all of the body and engages any fitness level.


Standard features and observations

The frame is made from Canadian maple wood which is sanded and finely finished.
Canadian maple wood is more resistant and solid than oak or pine and gives an elegant and warm look. It ensures maximum structural integrity and durability.

The Pilates carriage glides back and forth by the movement of the wheels and rail system and responds to the exertion produced by the practitioner and to the intensity of resistance set up by the metal springs. The Body Mind Gym carriage is wider than standard, providing a comfortable support for the whole body while in supine position.

The new carriage tracking system has been designed by our Body Mind Gym biomechanical engineering team. The aluminum has been anodized to decrease friction, reduce black dust, and prevent oxidation. The rails are master craftsman quality with a superior rail finish. The rail structure is made from one solid piece that ensures a smooth and stable carriage ride. The carriage is supported by 8 moving wheels, four to control the verticality and to support the carriage, and four adjustable sidewheels that eliminate lateral movements.

The carriage comes equipped with two padded shoulder rests to provide comfort, and a wide base and extra padding on top. The shoulder rests and posts are adjustable and removable. When lying in a supine position and pressing the carriage out with the legs, the shoulders are stabilized and slightly pressing against the foam pads. There is also a headrest which is comfortable and adjusts to any position to accommodate the cervical spine.

The tension regulation's system

1 - Adjustable riser wood posts hold the pulley system. The pulley comes equipped with handles and loops that are connected with ropes, and utilized to pull or push the carriage. Through movement of the risers, the pulley can be adjusted changing the angle of resistance.

2 - Ergonomically built foot bar with multiple angles. It easily accommodates both tall or short people by simply changing the bar inclination. The foot bar also allows the user to control the level of the workout's intensity from a deep hip and knee flexion (high foot bar inclination level), to a lower intensity level by lowering the foot bar inclination.

3 - The springbar has a nice aluminum finish. It is fully movable thus allowing to control the space between the foot bar and the shoulder rests. This is an important feature for tall people and is part of our new Italian design that is currently being patented.

4 - The ropes are slightly elastic and efficient, providing the optimum in safety. They are secured by nautical cam cleats that provide quick length adjustment.

5 - Carriage stopping mechanism. It controls joint range of motion for limited knee or hip functionality. The black stopper is a very useful feature for those working in a rehabilitative setting as it sets a short range of motion for the hips and knees during the exercises. If necessary, this mechanism has the function to limit the full range of movement. It also controls the degree of movement in the carriage, avoiding the possibility that the carriage slams against the opposite side of the wood frame.

6 - The elastic metal springs come with tapered colored ends and swivel hooks. There are five springs that provide for variable resistance: two are green, one is blue, one is red and one is yellow. Springs are color-coded to identify the intensity of the exertion.

7 - Box. The box comes as a standard accessory. It can be used during prone, supine and sitting exercises. The Box allows to control the angle's resistance creating different leverage for arms and straps. The box is very useful during sitting positions in facilitating better alignment for less flexible users.

A technical view

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Lenght 238 cm  
Width 70 cm  
Height without posts 36 cm  
Height with posts 76 cm  
Spring length 47 cm  
Weight 80 Kg  
Carriage weight 25 Kg  

Texts by Paolo Boletti
Graphic Design Sandro Cavicchio

All texts and pictures are Copyright © 2010
and may not be reproduced without permission.

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