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International Training School

The FITNESS PILATES FORMULA training School and Body Mind Gym, Ltd have partnered together to provide an “alliance of excellence” to the Pilates world.
FITNESS PILATES FORMULA is well known for its pragmatic vision that is in line with the demands of our time. Fitness Pilates Formula excels through the application of an innovative teaching methodology that utilizes advanced cognitive systems of learning that facilitate the elaboration, assimilation and storage of information. This avoids information overload, energy waste and distress. Utilizing modern and highly advanced educational methods, the learning methodology speeds up the assimilation of the entire Pilates system.

The student easily learns how to embody the essence of each exercise, how to lead, guide and cue others, while simultaneously progress in his own personal exercise practice.

FITNESS PILATES FORMULA capitalizes on a wide range of sophisticated learning approaches derived from the most recent application of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sports Psychology and Advanced Super Learning Systems.
Our advanced Pilates study programs cover the field of anatomy and biomechanics by providing “hands on” training in the comfort of your studio, health club, clinic or hotel.

FITNESS PILATES FORMULA combines multidimensional learning modalities that optimize learning. The use of creativity is encouraged along with a precise utilization of cognitive strategies that awaken our bodies intelligence to develop deep knowledge.

Our programs create highly qualified Pilates instructors ready to work and join this profession with passion, expertise and professionalism.
Our goal is to promote training at the highest level, in order to set up a strong foundation that enables students to develop effective programs for a wide range of clients. Part of the curriculum will focus on developing the student's ability to use interactive, explicative and synthetic communication methods to maximize their professional exposure.

The FITNESS PILATES FORMULA professional manuals provide a strong theoretical background for students and describe in detail all 250 exercises and their modifications.

Our professional manuals


This manual provides a complete description of our basic workout that is specially designed to meet the needs of people of any fitness level, even for those new to the practice of Pilates. The entire program is easy to learn, and provides a comprehensive workout for everyone. Our specially designed exercises improve posture, muscle tone, elasticity, strengthen the core and promote uniform body development. This manual provides a solid foundation in the study of Pilates and the information included in the manual is part of the training material for our Fitness Pilates Formula.


The manual focuses in depth on the exercises that promote the Pilates elastic strength and uniform body development. Our guidebook contains detailed descriptions of each exercise with accompanying photos and cuing tips on the muscle activity targeted by each exercise. The text describes in detail the full program of 85 exercises in progressive order of difficulty. This manual outlines some of the learning material for our Fitness Pilates Formula Training.


The guidebook contains a detailed description of 160 Pilates exercises accompanied by photos of each exercise sequence with detailed notes on the muscles targeted. This manual integrates the material covered in the core stability training with our exercise program for trunk stabilization. The guidebook also goes over the learning material provided during the Fitness Pilates Formula training.

Fitness pilates formula philosophic teaching

It isn't the quantity of time invested in teaching or learning, but the quality of teaching that determines how much time is needed to learn.

Make one hour of teaching equal to ten hours of class time.

Make difficult matters easy to comprehend and learn.

Use simple language that conveys your deep knowledge when teaching the material. In this way you create a powerful educational tool for students and clients and facilitate marketing your Pilates practice.

The best anatomy book is our body, the best mechanical model is our movement. We discover them by studying Pilates and learn about anatomy and human biomechanics during our hands-on practice.

Once you are on the REFORMER … you are already feeling better !

Elastic strength keeps our bodies and mind young.

You can know all there is to know about Pilates, but if you don't know how to share your time teaching your clients with empathy, you'll never be a great Pilates teacher.

Clients are looking for the “Pilates experience”. You are the facilitator, the guide and the instructor.

It isn't how many years you teach or practice Pilates, it's -how- you teach or practice.

The map isn't the territory. The Pilates exercises must be adapted to meet individual differences. The ability to adapt a program to fit each client’s needs is what makes a simple teacher into an artist.

The best teachers are your clients !

Paolo Boletti


Paolo Boletti is an internationally renowned trainer with extensive experience in Pilates teaching, Sports Massage Therapy, Fitness and Yoga. He also teaches other forms of Body Mind work.

He graduated in 1986 with a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Padova, Italy. He also completed Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine at the Mind/Body Medical Institute of Boston (Harvard Medical School).

He successfully completed a course of study in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the New York Institute in Manhattan which specializes in teaching advanced communication and learning skills.
He founded the Multidisciplinary Health Assisting Project in New York City, that gathers professionals from the healing fields that offer a range of natural healing approaches.

Mr Boletti is a licensed Massage Therapist in New York State, specializing in Orthopedic Sports Massage at the Chicago Massage Therapy School.
In the past, Mr Boletti spent substantial time in Thailand at the International Training Massage School, one of the most respected schools of Thai Medical Massage. He received his diploma of master trainer enabling him to train and certify other students in Thai Medical Massage.
He also holds a diploma in Global Massage Therapy from the Institut Francais des Sciences de l'Homme (Nice-France).

Mr Boletti is affiliated with the International Sports Sciences Association in California, where he practices and learns about new and sophisticated fitness systems and holds a certification as a fitness trainer from this important sports association.

Mr Boletti incorporates into his personal work the regime of the most recognized modern dance schools located in New York: Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey and Isadora Duncan where he practiced and studied the dance training workout. He works with dancers to help them recover from dance injuries and provides them with fitness training. At that time he had already begun manufacturing his first Pilates Reformer which he designed incorporating what he had learned from the various fitness disciplines.

Mr Boletti studies and certifies as a Yoga Therapist at the Allen Bateman Institute in New York, and at the Integral Yoga Institute, as an Integral Yoga teacher. He also certified in New York and Los Angeles on the study of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

In 1999, he established the Body Mind Center at Saint Barth in the French West Indies. The center specialized in Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Yoga, and Sports Medical Massage.

Paolo Boletti is the founder and director of Fitness Pilates Formula School and the co-founder of Body Mind Gym, Ltd.

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